We started working with IDM Group in January 2020 and this cooperation continues to this day. During this time, sold more than 115 apartments worth $ 40,000. We are currently working to expand the scale of the brand and its recognition.
Developer with the best apartments and commerce in Uzhgorod
IDM Group is a developer that includes the sale of residential (West Towers, Modern) and commercial premises (IDM Mall).
Comfortable gated community with European smart planning, underground parking, video surveillance system and other benefits. IDM Mall class A + business center with an efficient system of efficient distribution of gas, electricity and water supply in the city center.
General indicators
20 989 $
100 000+
Clicks to website
What did we do?
Competitors analysis
Transcarpathian real estate market is diverse and competitive. The first thing we did was make a list of competitors and identify strengths and weaknesses.
Created a marketing strategy
Promoting real estate requires a comprehensive approach, because buying an apartment on Facebook or Instagram is not commonplace, so we launched a contextual advertising Google and targeted advertising on social networks.
Created a site
For each residential or commercial complex of IDM Group, we have developed design sites, which have joined the service of interactive viewing of apartments. The information on the site is being updated, because we care that potential customers have an up-to-date idea of the construction process. We have previously developed branded fonts, colors and Ton of voice companies.
Created creatives
The main purpose of the creative is to capture the user's attention and perform the target action. Based on the marketing strategy, we have developed design creatives with relevant proposals.
Launched advertising
We launched on Facebook, Instagram and Google. We launched both direct advertising for coverage, interactions and conversions, and remarketing, which "pressed" and reminded that the desired is near.
We monitored the indicators of CTR, CPC, CR, CPM, Overlap, CPA and based on them identified the most working hypotheses. and optimize it even now.
Connected CRM, end-to-end analytics and IP telephony
We have installed Bitrix24 for efficient application processing and all the necessary analytics systems. Integrated services and set up conversions in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Customer feedback has also become clearer and more thoughtful by connecting Binotel IP telephony.
The face of a construction company is a professionally designed site based on marketing principles. IDM Group received a modern site with a minimalist design and strong offers that encourage potential customers to leave an application on our site. More than 100,000 people have visited IDM Group sites since its inception.
Brand presentation
Why do developers choose us?
In-depth analysis of competitors and the creation of a long-term promotion strategy, which brought 115 sales of apartments.
Understanding real estate market trends. With a probability of 99%, our predictions come true.
A multi-step remarketing strategy that will not let go of any target customer.
Comprehensive project management IDM Group with clear analytics and regular reporting.
Responsible attitude to the budget. Every dollar went where it was needed.